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Maya by Name performing 2017

Maya by Name performing 2017

"If you don't acknowledge any boxes, you don't have to try to fit in."

Maya by Name, 20 year old Maya Satterwhite, is an artist with a vision. "When I first began work on my newest project, 'Next Verse', I had a few songs written by a collaboration of songwriters, and I didn't feel emotionally connected to them. My personal ideas were put on hold", Maya recalls. The singer/songwriter is the sole author of her now two project's, the first being 'Arrival', which was a five-song extended play released in 2015. "I ended up writing all six songs and spent several months in the studio with producers of my choice. I wanted to make sure the stories I was telling were truthfully mine." Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Maya had an early familiarity with the stage, her father being an improv comedian and corporate actor, who encouraged her interest in performing. Maya began to create a buzz after graduating from high school in 2014, performing acoustically at local open mic nights and bars. "It was just me and my guitar; it was fun, but I felt a growing desire to be "bigger" in my sound and approach." The 'Next Verse' EP, released December 2016, showcases the pop/funk sound Maya had been longing for, as a result of her influences growing up. "My parents raised me on Michael, Rick, the Beatles and the Stones (she laughs), I think the wide range I was exposed to inspired me to want to create something different. I believe music is cyclical; the idea of what's "current" constantly changes. That's what makes it so beautiful." 

With her captivating stage presence and charismatic personality, this is surely just the beginning of this future-star's story.