Maya by Name.


Maya Gabrielle Satterwhite was born and raised in Buffalo, NY.

The 21 yr old singer/songwriter had an early familiarity with the stage, her father being an improv comedian and actor, who encouraged her interest in the arts. The singer began to create a buzz after graduating from Kenmore West High School in 2014, performing acoustically at local open mic nights and bars. The singer self-released an acoustic five-song project titled 'Arrival' in fall 2015, along with a music video for it's single, 'To You, From Me', which she produced and directed. Following this release, Maya spent the next year building her base by performing her original music, notable venues including Buffalo Ironworks, Canalside Buffalo, and The Tralf. Her newest 2016 release, 'Next Verse', is a 6 song project that combines her hip-hop, R&B, and funk influences. "It had always been just me and my guitar, and I desired growth in my sound and approach. My parents raised me on Michael Jackson and the Stones! (she laughs). I think the wide range I was exposed to inspired me to want to create something different." Most recently through her social media presence, Maya secured a spot as the opening act for R&B singer, Tank, for his Buffalo concert in September 2017. Dabbling in modeling, the singer has also been involved in campaigns for Dick's Sporting Goods, Jared Jewelers, Fisher-Price, and JoAnn Stores. With her captivating stage presence and vocal prowess, Maya by Name is an artist with a vision - and certainly one to watch.